From the age of 11 Mikeo has had radio in his blood. Working at radio stations in Oregon and Arizona and Nevada. He calls Hillsboro, Oregon home these days. It's the new Center of Dance for the world! After all, it is the home of his baby - Energy 98.

Tony Zamboni

They say it's best to start at the beginning, so I'll start at the end and go backwards. BE ENERGY! Please listen to my show (I'm fun) and thanks for reading. I currently live in Ohio with my boo and LOVE the music we play. The favorite song? Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You. Cuz, um, it does. I've never worked a normal job in my life: helicopter traffic reporter, Zamboni driver, DJ at a Top 40 station, club DJ, amusement park marketing guy and ENERGY DJ.Hi there. I'm Tony Zamboni. What's your name?


Sterrett, heard mornings (5a-10a PT), has been with Energy 98 since 2003. He's also been heard on Energy 92.7/101.1 in Phoenix, as well as radio stations in Houston, Kansas City, Omaha and Cincinnati. Sterrett enjoys music, good food and drink, traveling, and sports.

Sean Maynard

Hailing all the way from Adelaide, Australia, Sean got his humble start packing groceries. It was here he discovered his love for talking into the store PA and asking for a "price check in aisle 4". From there, he left the customers behind and joined the city's youth dance station Fresh92.7 where he quickly discovered playing music was alot more fun. Soon after he found commercial radio actually paid money to do the same thing, and jumped aboard SAFM and Triple M doing on air and news where he works to this day. Sean's the guy on Energy between 4p and 8p PT so drop him a line!

Lisa G

Lisa G grew up surrounded by music, taking piano lessons and studying voice. She was determined to become a singing psychologist, combining her family's 2 major interests. Eventually realizing Freud could have made a case study out of her - she instead tried her hand at radio. Quickly 'bitten by the radio bug' as they say and she has never looked back. Lisa G has years of professional radio experience behind her and is currently doing voice overs for TV, Radio and DJ's